Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vote for I Contest Finalists

This past week I've watched the spectacle of Verizon workers laboring in cold spring rain, doing something strenuous high in the air that involved immense spools of optical wire. I've also been pretty much without telcom service, although disinclined to whine too much, given the flooding in New England. Now that I can finally access the Internet again (woo-hoo!), I've been able to read email and view the entries in the ABC-along I Contest. Anne and I have conferred and it's time to announce the finalists!

There were many excellent submissions, including many irises (floral and ocular), tempting-looking ice cream, ingenuous illustrations of abstract ideas, and more. Thanks to all who entered! It was far too difficult to select just three finalists, so Anne and I decided to narrow the field to four finalists. As we can't have more finalists than prizes, I went stash-diving again. The result: now first prize is two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Iris Garden; second prize (new!) is two skeins of Katia Ingenua, a mohair blend yarn; and third and fourth prizes are Clover I-cord gadgets.

First prize is LL Iris Garden   Second prize is Ingenua   Third and fourth prizes are I-cord gadgets

The four finalists in alphabetical (of course!) order are:

     Jane of Not Plain Jane

     Karlie of A Long Yarn

     Minnie of Dragon Mad Knitter

     Vicki of Knitorious

Please have a look at the finalists' entries. ABC-alongers have until midnight Mountain Time on Sunday, May 21 to vote for their single most favorite among them on the I Contest poll. The number of votes received will determine finalists' ordinal rank. Results to be announced and prizes mailed on Monday.

Incidentally, this is what the inspiration for this contest, the Presby Iris Gardens (Exit 151), looked like this afternoon. Oddly, while the iris beds are at less than 25% bloom, the great chestnut tree and the azaleas are at peak and the wisteria standard and the immense lilac hedge are a bit past peak.

More photos to be inserted here   Still early at Presby Iris Gardens

At least there's no lack of flower spikes. If it ever stops raining roundabout Exit 151, the show should be pretty good.

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dragon knitter said...

i wanted to thank you and anne for doing the abcalong, and having this contest. it's an honor to be chosen a finalist (i didn't think it was that good!). and, actually, i'm kinda coveting 2nd place, lol. i'd use the mohair to make cloud hats for dulaan.