Sunday, June 4, 2006

Belated Sockapaloooza Reveal

[While it's not certain who broke the Internet, I've sure been having a lot of trouble posting lately. Here's a postdated post, pix to come when I can get them uploaded.]

Now it can be told that my Sockapaloooza pal is Katherine of Knitting Thoughts, who is the inspiration for Comfort Zone dpns! Katherine served as a sock angel in the last round and is a very accomplished sock knitter (also mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, designer, and artist!), so I wanted to make her extra-special socks.

But what to knit for someone who knits superbly and superfast with fabby yarn and needles built to her own specs? I've been sweating this one.

From stealth blog reading, I've noticed a few things. Katherine is partial to socks with a certain flair. I'm still bug-eyed that she thought these were on the dull side. But three things seem to be lacking from her enviable sock gallery: a pair of identical socks, a pair with fancy stitches, and a pair with beads.

Ta-da! Here are beaded rib with beads socks, finished. Beaded rib is a gansey technique; the additional of beads was inspired by the cover sweater from the rather unfortunate Rowan 39.

Beaded rib with beads sock

Here's a closer look at the beaded leg.

Sock detail

These socks had a number of adventures. They were privileged to meet Ann and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting (maybe they inspired Ann to start knitting socks!) and Stephanie the Yarn Harlot, and they frolicked among the cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park. Then other obligations intervened, which conspired to make the socks very late.

By contrast, my sock pal, Shannon of the excellently named Yarn and Chocolate, was right on time with her beauteous socks. The introduction to Bearfoot was most happy - I must find some for Mr. Fussy Feet DH. Thanks again, Shannon!

This round of Sockapalooza I served as the sock sister to the creative and numerous Mar-Pix tribe. It's a great job. Imagine having to look at so many blogs, featuring so many fabby new yarns and projects. My project queue is much longer now. I've started spindling. I made a deal with Meredith to f-f-f-felt something, possibly an old Rowan UFO. I made another deal with Pansar to trade saltwater taffy for salt lakrids. Quite apart from those happinesses, it's a great privilege to share the experiences of the tribe. In the time between the February start and now, Mar-Pix tribesters went through relocations, homes bought and sold, jobs lost and found, relationships begun and ended, serious illness, deaths in the family, severe weather, too-close brushes with terrorism, work-related travel, fabulous vacation travel, weddings, spring (Northern Hemisphere) and fall (Southern Hemisphere) AND had a 0% dropout rate, which I devoutly hope will turn into a 100% finished rate. The Mar-Pix tribe rocks!

All this is thanks to true blue sock momma Alison, the hostess with the mostest, queen of the dpns (or 2 circs or Magic Loops), for organizing this amazing sock exchange. I bow to her and sing her praise! And at risk of sounding like a Sockapal-boozer, let me join the happy chorus for another round!



Ruth said...

Wow ... talk about sock pal pressure! But I'm sure she'll love what you've knit for her.

(By the way, I'm so glad I checked in with you today! I was at the Comfort Zone site a couple of months ago and put several pairs of needles into my cart. Then I had to leave the computer for a while, and when I got back could not for the life of me remember the name of the needles or where to find them. So I followed your link and my needles have now been ordered. I can't wait to try them.)

Katherine said...

I am so impressed and so honored! No one has ever made me anything with beading before. They are indeed beauteous and I can't wait to get my feet into them. You are the best!

Karen said...

Ina, I tried to leave a comment with the spinning portion of your blog but it wouldn't go through. You're doing a beautiful job spinning and I'm lucky I was able to sit next to you in class. You've inspired me to do better, and your suggestions are great. Looking forward to next Tuesday, and to seeing your progress!