Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shiny as Three New Pennies

Yesterday's mail brought my eagerly awaited Journey Wheel Featherweight Spindle, familiarly known as a Bosworth or Bossie after its makers, Jonathan and Sheila Bosworth. I think it's the Boss! It's a red cedar top whorl drop spindle that weighs 9 grams (.32 oz). That's less than three U.S. pennies.

Featherweight Spindle

This little beauty came carefully wrapped in gold paper and packed in a box along with a bit of already-spun fiber. It has a notch and a shepherd's crook style hook, lovely color and grain, silky finish, masterful balance, and a pleasant cedar scent. When viewed from the top while spinning, its little blonde spot seems to form a continuous gold rim around a moving reddish circle. I just love that.

I immediately tried it on some of the Blue Face Leicester roving I've been spinning. The amazing thing is there's nothing particular to note. I mean functionally, besides the visual beauty, tactile appeal, and ultralight weight of the spindle. Without any fuss, the Featherweight went to work spinning fine, even singles, twirling fast and long and dropping straight and true. There was no momentary adjustment to the idiosyncracies of a new spindle – it was as if I'd been using it contentedly for years. The spindle works the way spindles are supposed to work, and that excellently well, right out of the box. What's up with that?

What is particularly noteworthy is the cordial email correspondence I've enjoyed with Sheila Bosworth: prompt, unfailingly helpful, a minor education unto itself. Jonathan and Sheila offer an exceptional product and exceptional service. I'm definitely stopping at the Journey Wheel booth at Rhinebeck, 22 28.

Incidentally, in the month since the end of the Tour de Fleece, I've doubled the amount of finished laceweight yarn to 300 m (328 yd); about 400 m (437 yd) of singles is waiting to be plied. I'm eager to see if the Boss speeds production, allowing that fall is full of distractions.


Melanie said...

I love the Bossies, they are really great spindles. And I couldn't say enough about the Bosworths. They are really wonderful people and so sweet and helpful. The spindles they make are simple, easy to use and the woods are beautiful. NAYY, just another HUGE fan!

Carla said...

I would love to try some better spindles. I only ever had an Ashford drop spindle and I really never got a good grasp on spinning that way.. so I bought a wheel.
I'm intrigued however with the lighter spindles, top whorls, etc and wonder if they produce yarn more easily than my plain ashford (which isn't very light!)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I <3 my featherweight. It's such a great little spindle! I'm learning not to be afraid of the drop, especially with such fine singles.

Devorah said...

Don't you love Bossies! I have 3 and they are my absolute favorite spindles. Jonathan and Sheila are the nicest people and remember us from year to year when we see them at Rhinebeck. Enjoy the spinning!

--Deb said...

There's nothing like a good spindle, that's for sure! I haven't tried the Bosworth's yet (though I lust after a Journey wheel), but the difference between the basic spindles I learned on and the Kundert I bought myself? No comparison. Quality workmanship is worth any price. (Well, almost....)

It's beautiful!

And, I can't wait until Rhinebeck!

stacey said...

Yay!! The addiction continues :o) Glad to see your spinning so well!