Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trekking Backwards

The coconut candy Trekking sock was sailing along – tra-la-la – I gave it a "forethought" heel because I like the characteristic bullseye pattern and don't mind grafting. Then, trouble. On try-on, the leg fit well and the heel fit well, but the overall fit was not comfortable – the reason why some socks have gussets. There was only one thing to do.

Using a tapestry needle threaded with crochet cotton, I added a lifeline at the point where the sock leg divides for the heel and the instep (the instep stitches were already on a lifeline)...

Adding lifeline

... carefully unpicked the just-grafted heel...

Unpicking the heel graft

... and frogged it. (The leg looks so... incomplete without a heel.)

Frogging the heel

The lifeline not only prevented frogging from going beyond the selected round, it also made picking up stitches for the heel flap much easier.

The #126 colorway of Trekking seems to have less sproing than other colorways and the knit fabric seems unusually dense and strong. I think this will be a hard-wearing pair of socks. The extra ease in the new flap-and-gusset heel makes for a much better fit.

As a bonus, what would have been a brown bullseye ring around the heel turned into a nifty brown patch at the heel turn.

Unplanned, happy serendipity! Tra-la-la-ing has resumed.



Delica said...

Brilliant! You've got patience!

--Deb said...

Good fix--well done!!