Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ISE3 Progress Post1

Arrr! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! And check out this pirate-y site.

For the International Scarf Exchange 3, I decided to boldly go where everyone else is going and knit My So-Called Scarf for my pal. For those who don't recognize the stitch pattern, it's Little Herringbone in Barbara G. Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and, sure enough, the right side of the fabric is a little herringbone.

My So-Called Scarf, herringbone side

The other side (it's important to consider the other side, especially for a scarf) is a pattern of exaggerated purl bumps or mini-floats or small swags. Whatever you call it, it's purty too. Also easy-peasy.

My So-Called Scarf, purl side

My pal asked for certain colors, so I picked Malabrigo in colorway Lime Blue for her. It's knitting up soft and cuddly on size US 10½ (6.5 mm) needles – IMHO it's more neck-friendly and therefore a better choice than Manos. The color pooling is turning into a sort of camo dot, which is rather attractive.

This stitch pattern tends to draw in alarmingly, becoming dense and using up vast quantities of yarn. It looks like there will be plenty of yarn; if not, there will be rapid improvising!

(Incidentally, I got the pink needles in a goody bag at the celebrated Yarn Harlot reading at Lord & Taylor in NYC. I missed Knit Out NYC and her reading at Knitty City on Sunday because I was busy.)

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