Friday, September 22, 2006

The September Project

It's the first day of autumn and I've started my Zimmermania project. Given its nature, perhaps it's fitting that tonight is the dark of the moon.

Zimmermania button

In Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, the project for September is titled, ahem, "Nether Garments." I'd call them leggings or footless tights. Here's my September project at the calf shaping.

Leg o' leggings

Terminology aside, the goal is a shapely, form-fitting thermal garment knit in the round that has a waist, crotch, and legs. Curiously, what EZ observed in 1974 remains true today – patterns for said useful garments don't seem to exist. The few patterns around have seams and awkward shaping or otherwise do not meet specs. Which leads me to conclude once again that Knitter's Almanac is a dazzling font of knitterly wisdom that belongs on every knitter's bookshelf (not to mention it's still value-priced at USD $7.95). The only modification I've made to EZ's Pithy Directions is to use machine-washable sockweight wool.

That wool is Regia Line Steps in colorway 5371 Anthrazit. I love its random pinstripes. I began thinking I'd use the September project undercover as long janes, but they do seem to be turning into fashion-forward leggings that want to strut their stuff. Incidentally, this is one trendy FO that you can't get at the store for less – the cost of the September project is pretty much the same as storebought wool leggings.

Bluestocking in sunny Southern California, who is knitting her way through the Knitter's Almanac, seems less-than-thrilled with her September project and plans to save them for her Scotland heritage trip. By contrast, in fashion-conscious and increasingly chilly north Jersey, they're just the thing for dancing by the dark of the moon.

Autumn is also the perfect season for sock haiku, see Cara's contest. (There really oughta be a reading at Rhinebeck.) And Rainy the Yarn Pirate has started a Serrano Knit-along. Happy Fall!

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