Monday, October 30, 2006

ISE3 Progress Post 3

Five minutes later and I'm still traveling, and want to thank Holly, my International Scarf Exchange 3 pal, who put together a thoughtful, seasonally color-coordinated (!) parcel for me. Just look at that well-balanced secondary triad.

My ISE3 goodies from Holly

In the parcel there were all sorts of small niceties to delight a fellow knitter: the scarf, neatly tied with a bit of its own yarn; two holiday potholders and three holiday refrigerator magnets (perfect – I was just bemoaning the dearth of Halloween items in my kitchen), notecards, delicious candycandycandy! and a sweet note. I use the past tense because in a trice the scarf was untied and much of the candy devoured.

No doubt every knitter who has progressed beyond dishcloths can recognize the scarf and the yarn at a hundred paces, even when bundled. I did: it's a Multi-Directional, in a gorgeous Noro Silk Garden colorway. I love the way the color runs worked out. It's even prettier in person and it's mine, all mine.

My ISE3 scarf from Holly

Thank you, Holly! [Chortle] I feel spoiled. I brought the scarf with me to wear on this trip, but the weather has turned warmish again, so it's sitting in my luggage. Not to worry, though, I'm sure the scarf will see good use soon enough.


Carol said...

Beautiful scarf. Yummy trets. And the kitty potholder is too funny!

Deborah said...

wow, very different your scarf is. Wasn't this whole exchange fun!

Mia said...

How funny, I bought the same pot holders to send to some one at Target! I love them!!!! And cute scarf

Kim P. said...

Ina, I met you at the Modern Yarn SnB last night (me knitting Noro top down raglan cardi). Kristen told me you and Risa blog. Sadly, I am blogless, but hopefully by X-mas I can figure the whole thing out and join everyone in blogland. Enjoyed your Rhinebeck post - very funny. I almost succumbed to the deep fried pickles, but some guy let me sample his and suddenly it didn't seem worth the 5 bucks. I'll be back at the SnB in 2 weeks (next Thursday I'll be Chicago).