Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Farrago

After getting caught in the torrential downpour yesterday evening, I felt like soggy cereal and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed. But divers and assorted oddities kept trooping up to hinder that. Such troopers, those oddities.

Oddly, some skeins of Noro Blossom are put up at 50 g and some at 40 g, a 25% difference. They're clearly labeled, but the practice seems pretty poor to me. Here's how far one 40 g skein went on my twofer NaKniSweMo and Norovember sweater.

Noro Blossom sweater in progress

Not far at all. The sweater pattern, cryptically codenamed Y763, is in Noro No. 20, which specifies pattern requirements in skeins, 50 g skeins. I suffered an initial pang of there's Not Enough Yarn!, more effective than caffeine in keeping me from my pillow, but now *think* there's barely sufficient, assuming the pattern requirements are accurate.

I suppose this merely demonstrates yet again that those inhabiting the Noro World of Nature are more natural than anything else. Surely the truly greedy would be sharp enough to specify pattern requirements in 40 g skeins, to keep 40 g customers happy (or blissfully ignorant that we're getting short yardage) and make 50 g customers over-buy (at least they're getting yarn). As it is, 50 g customers are happy and 40 g customers under-buy and become doubly unhappy when they learn the reason.

Also odd, a spammer got through word verification and posted a long, long comment with lots and lots of links to products of dubious merit. It was easy enough to remove the comment, but not so easy to figure out how the deed was done. Perhaps the old-fashioned way, using a real, underpaid human in a developing country rather than a bot. I can sympathize – I've had jobs that kept me fed and clothed but basically sucked. However, I've also disabled anonymous comments.

Perhaps most odd of all, TreeCam would seem to be on the blink. While obsessively checking the view of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, I've seen instead what looked like the SkyCam ops center, some place in the Meadowlands, and blue screens. Wonder what's going on.

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