Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yarn Aboard! Undaunted

It would seemVasco da Gama that in the course of seeking a sea route from Portugal to India, Vasco da Gama's first Yarn Aboard! expedition was lost at sea. Perhaps they foundered in tempestuous weather while rounding the Cape of Good Hope or encountered the fatal Flying Dutchman or were enslaved by privateers even fiercer than themselves or succumbed to pestilence. It's been known to happen. Undaunted, generous Amanda outfitted a second expedition which arrived roundabout Exit 151 just in time for the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving.

Dom Vasco's new flagship was carrying choice cargo: a skein of Dicentra Sock Yarn in colorway Gilrain (Ringheads will note that Gilraen was the mother of Estel, or "hope," and Dom Vasco doubled the Cape of Good Hope – coincidence?); two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Black Purl (just the thing for pirates); Evelyn A. Clark's Acorn Socks pattern; a taste of Louisiana: travel-sized Tabasco sauce and Baum's praline pecans; Republic of Tea Sip for the Cure Pink Lady Apple tea and a pink notepad; and holiday greetings. Thank you, Amanda! I love everything, especially the wonderful yarn, and the delicious pecans were a big hit over the weekend.

Yarn Aboard! cargo

My plan was to give Dom Vasco a tour of the Lusophone communities in the Ironbound section of Newark, re-provision the ship with fresh Portuguese delicacies from Teixeira's or Coutinho's, then send him on his way. Alas, the gods laugh when mortals plan. The funny noise the car was making turned out to require a long sojourn in the shop. Temporary carlessness doesn't much bother me; Plan B was to give the great explorer a bicycle tour roundabout Exit 151. But it's been rainy/foggy and unseasonably warm around here, and (oddly enough for a seahawk) Dom Vasco seems rather susceptible to the wet. So this photo taken at Seaport Yarn will have to suffice.

Vasco da Gama visits Seaport Yarn

Mariners know well that time and tide wait for no one: the intrepid explorer sails on the morning tide, on a northerly heading. I've enjoyed the fun and hope his next port of call does too.


--Deb said...

Amanda did you proud! That's an awfully nice cargo he's got there!

Deborah said...

you guys are so clever!

amanda said...

glad you enjoyed the cargo! i'm sure his next port of call will be waiting with open arms -- i keep getting emails from people wondering where the boxes are!