Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Migration

Worn down by the incessant blandishments (mixed with tacit threats) from BlogSpot, I'm going to migrate the blog to Blogger Beta this week. Sorry if that messes up RSS feeds for a while.

I've backed up carefully, but should the blog disappear altogether, I provide these images for your contemplation, a knitter's version of "Croatan."

Croatan before   Croatan after

The golden promise of increased functionality awaits! See you (I hope) on the other side.

[Edited to add: Well, so far migration isn't happening for me at all. Successful migrations seem to take 24 to 48 hours. Unsuccessful migrations sound a bit like being consigned to Dante's Ante-Hell or attempting to Disapparate and instead getting splinched. Be sure to back up your template and content!]


trek said...

Tell me how you managed your back up please? Is there an easy method or do I have a pile of work to do before I do my migration?

dragon knitter said...

i'm not doing it. not unless they plan on coming to my house and babysitting me through the whole thing. i can't even remember how i changed my font color!

Kim P said...

You are a master of language! "golden promise of increased functionality." I love it. Something strange happened on my work computer since yesterday and now I can't view photos on your blog and several other regular reads. Boo frickity hoo.

dragon knitter said...

funny, you talk about splinching, and the afternoon after i read your blog, i'm listening to harry potter & the half blood prince and they do apparation lessons, lol.

no splinching here

Deborah said...

Ok, you'll be my guinea pig on the migration thing!