Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, that didn't work. The blog is still here in un-migrated (pre-migrated?) form. At least it's not splinched. At least I hope not... but, how to know? Argh, epistemological doubt!

Can you see me now?  (Just kidding!!)Kim mentioned she no longer can see pictures on my blog while at work. Sorry to hear that. I don't think that's a consequence of attempted migration and I'm also pretty sure my photo host is working OK. Maybe all the yarn pr0n alarmed your IT administrator and images are blocked?

To round out Fun With Computers time, I spent a frustrating 16 hours updating my anti-virus software. That's what happens when 21st century technology interfaces with my computer, which is akin to a hamster running on a wheel [squeak, squeak – the wheel, not the hamster]. When finally installed, the newly robust program promptly quarantined and deleted a bunch of email messages. Uh, if you're expecting an email response from me, kindly remind me what it is I'm supposed to know.

While waiting for the hourglass icon and the spinning icon to signify that which is signified, I rummaged through boxes in the basement searching for holiday stemware. Didn't find 'em. [Sigh] I know perfectly well we have more holiday stuff than three salad plates, two mismatched mugs, and two cups and saucers.

Holiday plates

However, I did find this promising-looking box.

Box of Maine yarn

Now here's an epistemological certainty: you know you're far gone when your stash is labeled by place of origin.


CrazyFiberLady said...

Good luck finding the holiday dishes. Sounds like my basement! I love the box :)

dragon knitter said...

ummm, i can't see the picture.

hope you resolve your problem

the dishes you did find are pretty

Kim P said...

Hey, fun SnB last night. As usual a lot of knitting and a lot of laughs. I could not see your "Can you see me now?" picture, but I can see the other photos and the photos I couldn't view yesterday. The work computer always behaves strangely at year end, but it better watch out or it's going on the naughty list. No picture of the contents of the Maine Yarn box?

Beth S. said...

Splinched! HA! :-) I'm not quite splinched, exactly, but I definitely have not crossed over successfully. VERY annoying...

I can't see that one picture unless I click on it, but all your other photos seem to be fine.