Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sockapalooza 4+ever

Woo-hoo-za!Sockapalooza 4 button Sign ups for Sockapalooza 4 are open! (ETA: until 10 p.m. EDT April 13) I had such a good time in rounds 2 and 3 that I rushed on over and signed up to be a sock pal and also, when should the need arise, to be a sock angel.

There's nothing like knitting socks for another knitter – except, perhaps, receiving socks from another knitter. I love watching all the pretty Sockapalooza socks in progress (my project queue has a tendency to grow), love wondering which ones are for me, and love the sense of knitterly commonweal. Some Sockapaloozers make steady, rapid progress from yarn selection to FOs, some experience trepidation, indecision, and (gasp) frogging, yet all are working toward a common goal, a common good.

It makes me smile to think of the socks I knit during Sockapaloozas past for Beate, Katherine, blogless Pam, and Phoebe. I hope they're enjoying them in good health (click on photos to view larger, see the stories here).

Beate's socks   Katherine's first socks
Katherine's second socks   Pam's socks   Phoebe's socks

The socks that my Sockapalooza pals made for me also make me smile: hand-dyed bicycle commute socks knit by Lou and mistake rib socks knit by Shannon.

Lou's socks   Shannon's socks

Two things I've learned from past Sockapaloozas are to embrace the process and to use package tracking. The outstanding example of the former is the way fearless Kathy refined her now-famous Jaywalker sock pattern during round 2 – including blogging every trip to the frog pond. As for the latter, well, I've come to appreciate having inexpensive assurance that parcels aren't inadvertently languishing at the post office or elsewhere.

Lest anyone feel left out (or intimidated), I hasten to note that novice sock knitters and blogless sock knitters are welcome and included in all the fun, thanks to the ever-encouraging, true blue hostess of Sockapalooza, Alison (and her mysterious master webmaster). I don't know how she (they) do it – Alison has a new baby and her new book is due next month.

I'm looking forward to Sockapalooza 4 – hope to see your socks there!


dragon knitter said...

i signed up this morning, and i'm thoroughly looking forward to it. i even have a pattern in mind, if my pal works out. and yarn. which means i could start as soon as i have my match. and i THINK i signed up as an angel as well (don't quote me, i signed up at7 this m orning while coralling the teenagers.)

Kim said...

I am seriously debating signing up. Not much time left so I better act fast!

Chrissy said...

I signed up for Sockapalooza for the first time this round. I'm really looking forward to it. I've done other sock exchanges, but never a Sockapalooza. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

pansar said...

More than 1000 have signed up for sockapolooza 4 and I'm one of them!If I understod it right there will be no socksister this round though so I guess you can lean back and just enjoy knitting this time. here we go!