Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2007 Fibery Ambition

Ordinarily I resist making new year resolutions. But I'm not without fibery ambition for 2007. Here's my short list.

Reduce the number of UFOs buzzing around Area Exit 151: Cara's now-concluded birthday contest (name that former UFO sock) sparked an epiphany: I have no idea how many UFO socks I have... [falters, then perseveres]... and there's other UFOs.

Prune the stash: When it comes to stash reduction, I find exercise – knitting, gifting, swap, or sale – is more effective than diet, not to mention more fun and free of evasions such as the sock yarn exception (please). I harbor few illusions as to ultimate outcome – gardeners know that a good pruning encourages growth.

Karabella Aurora 8

For starters, I'm willing to part with the yarn for Backyard Leaves by Annie Modesitt, pattern in Scarf Style and also IK Holiday Gifts 2006. It's the specified yarn, 4 balls of Karabella Aurora 8, but in subtly heathered colorway 716 rather than colorway 11. I knit a bit, like the pattern, but am not feeling the love. I vaguely recall someone in my SnB mentioned Backyard Leaves with longing, so I'm going to offer them first dibs; if it's not spoken for by Saturday (appropriately enough, the Christian holiday Epiphany), it's going on sale. Email jerseyknitter151 [at] gmail [dot] com to express interest. ETA: It's sold.

Organize patterns: While I usually can locate both garment and stitch patterns in books with ease, trying to find them in magazines and leaflets somehow confounds me. At first I thought perhaps the stressful last couple years had fried my brain. However that may be, it doesn't account for this trio of doublets, all older than that. Er, 'way older (the green brochures are marked 10¢ and 29¢).

Trio of doublets

Ahem. It would seem a relational database would be helpful. Can anyone recommend one for the home user?

Do something with all the crochet cotton in stash besides using odd bits for stitch markers and stitch holders. Dunno what. Something.

Spin the yak: The beauteous blobs of chocolate and gray yak down I bought at MDS&W from The Fold continue to mock my attempts to spin them. Just look at how they backtalk.

Chocolate and gray yak down

I'm not dismayed. Spindlicity has tips on spinning yak, as does The Whole Craft of Spinning by Carol Kroll. The yak will be spun in 2007!

The perennial time-devouring non-fiber items are on the agenda, too: fixing and painting the house, gardening, etc. This year I may opt for the Bike New York signature event, the Five Boro Bike Tour, a traffic-free bicycle tour of NYC (40 miles, all five boroughs, seven bridges, 30,000 riders!), instead of MDS&W. [Gasp!]

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