Monday, February 26, 2007

To Infinity

One unintended consequence of last week's exercise in aggravation office reorganization was a lot of other projects were shunted aside and the Noni Adventure Bag got knit up much faster than anticipated. Here it is ready for f-f-felting.

Noni Adventure Bag, ready for felting

At the moment, it's perfectly huge, almost too big for the photography towel background. It's resting on a yellow yardstick for scale. The protuberances near the top are the clever flaps for the bag straps.

A number of participants in the Noni Bag KAL have noted the top edges of the bags sometimes felt unevenly. Either the edge rolls and turns into felt thicker than the rest of the bag, which complicates zipper installation, or the unconfined edge turns into felt thinner than the rest of the bag and splays, which also complicates zipper installation. I think this will help: I took some crochet cotton from stash and crocheted around the bound off edge of the bag, then crocheted the edges together as if sewing in a zipper. The result sorta looks like a zipper, too.

Crochet 'zipper'

Having f-f-felted Jersey Fresh tomatoes in my front-loading washing machine, I'm fairly confident the bag will not stick to itself and the crochet cotton will be removable, but we shall see. The infelicitous possibilities are far too horrible to contemplate – and where's that Spirit of Adventure? Instead of Jersey late winter gloom, here's a picture of two of the delicious pineapple-shaped Honolulu Cookie Company shortbread cookies DH and I received as a random holiday gift (Valentine's? Mardi Gras?? Asian Lunar New Year's???).

Honolulu Cookie Company shortbread

The chocolate-dipped cookie is macadamia shortbread and the other is Kona coffee with a coffee bean piko [bellybutton]. Yum.

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