Friday, March 30, 2007

Host of Problems

Loafing workerMinnie and Risa have advised that my RSS feed has gone nuts. Thanks for the heads up – I think the fault lies with one of my image hosts. [Sigh] I've been wanting to do some blog renovation anyway. I hope the tinkering will be largely invisible, but before things improve there may temporarily be even more nuttiness for readers using aggregators or feed readers. Sorry about that – you can see what kind of "under construction" guy I have.

Meanwhile, it turned out what was left of the Yarn Harlot goody bag yarn, Patons SWS, was indeed sufficient for a small pair of mitts, with about 7 yds (6.4 m) left over.

Bluepoint mitt and collegiate mitt

The long color runs pretty well precluded any hope of getting a matched pair from one ball, let alone from the remainder of one ball. But I'm enjoying bluepoint mitt and collegiate mitt – they're the perfect thing for early spring.


CrazyFiberLady said...

I hope the feed problems disappear quickly. But you're probably right, that its related to the image hosting.

I love the mitts. They are so cute!

--Deb said...

Thanks for the warning--and good luck!!