Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ready to Rock the Muggles

OK, I'm all set. Here's what I'm donating, showing off, and wearing on NYC Rock the Muggles Day, March 22, aka the Yarn Harlot bookbookbook4 launch.

But first, a word for visiting knitters: Thanks largely to the efforts of the beyond-fabulous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, many tall NYC buildings must provide public access space, kinda like indoor public parks. These urban oases can be lovely: nicely appointed with café tables and chairs, amenities, and even live music at lunchtime. NYC would be a far meaner place without them. So don't wander disconsolately through the streets of Gotham – look for tall buildings bearing discreet signs indicating public access, sit and knit, refresh yourself, and enjoy this enduring legacy of a most gracious First Lady.

Speaking of gracious, while some may fondly wish to "freak out" the Muggles tomorrow, kindly remember we are talking about New Yorkers.Hermione's hat Who on the one hand tend to be tolerant of harmless eccentricity and on the other hand have likely seen worse (jesting references to drug addiction, gangs, and urban terror rather pale beside the real deal). Not to mention many knitters are Muggle-born (moi aussi) and countless Muggles are appreciative beneficiaries of knitcraft. We're all about diversity hereabouts. So the hat I'm donating is Hermione's Cable-and-Bobble Hat by Lauren Kent, worked in Cascade 220 (cf HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the movie). It's just the thing for a book launch. Currently no cause is specified – I trust a good one will be selected. (ETA: Teehee, the hat is on the Harlot's blog!)

My traveling sock is Grumperina's ubiquitous Jaywalker,Jaywalker sock worked in Lion Brand Magic Stripes colorway Jelly Bean Stripe. I'm knitting my first Jaywalkers (with mods) partly to honor the Boston knitters heading to the Big Apple and partly because Cara, mightiest of Jersey knitbloggers, has made so many, but also because it's a gentle symbol and reminder that knitters command vast powers of craft, networking, philanthropy, and finance – and deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Finally, I'll be wearing my Clapotis mini,Clapotis mini a scarf-sized version of Kate Gilbert's contemporary classic design, worked in Koigu PPPM. Teva's Steek Vest is brilliant, but I couldn't get the substituted yarn to behave to my liking. Bergamo it's not – the vest still looks pretty much like a hat and is headed for the frog pond. Ah well. If you can't beat 'em, you may as well join the crowd in Clapping.

Hope to see you tomorrow at FIT! If you'll miss the Harlot this time, never fear, full details to follow.


Kim said...

I had no idea that Jackie-O was responsible for many of the indoor urban refuges. Who knew? Thanks Jackie-O! I am looking forward to seeing your Jaywalker in person. Those colors are great!

CrazyFiberLady said...

Have a fabulous time tomorrow. I'm just sorry that I shall not be able to join in the fun. A second your comment about the reaction, or lack thereof, from the NY muggles. It is NY indeed and there are far stranger sights in this fair city than a bunch of folk with yarn ;)

Cara said...

Have fun! I'm sorry I won't be able to see your Jaywalker in person.

--Deb said...

It sounds like you're going to have a fabulous time--and I hope that you Do!

Carol said...

Have a wonderful time. Remember to think of us stuck at home!

dragon knitter said...

i'm going to st paul to see la harlot as a birthday present. my birthday is 3 days before she'll be there, and hubbie has made it so i can go (it's 5 hours from here (thank goodness spring break is that week, lol!) thanks for reminding me about clapotis. i've got one almost done, but it's been sitting for months. i'll finish that lovely off (it's in schaeffer colorway edith piaf!). i'm going to be test knitting a sock, so i can't post a pic, but i'm sure i can fake it enough for the harlot to photograph.

and i finished my hat tonight!