Wednesday, March 28, 2007

S2K Happiness

The other day I was badly coveting the cheerful marled yarn in Cara's current Picture of the Week. By a happy synchronicity, today not so much, thanks to my amazing S2K orphan swap pal, Jen of Fiber in the Hands of an Angry Spinner. (The reds are strangely too orange-salmon here, they're actually cherry pink.)

S2K skeins from Jen

Thank you, Jen – I heart cheerful marled yarn! Also in the package were a nice note, a set of Jen's signature rainbow stitch markers, and two fiber samples that have my fingers twitching.

Cream Shetland and mahogany Fudgy alpaca

That's cream Shetland from a neighbor's beast and mahogany alpaca from Jen's own Fudgy the alpaca. Teehee. I've never spun Shetland or alpaca before, much less alpaca from a known, named source. I'm looking forward to giving them a spin.


dragon knitter said...

ok, i don't understand bloglines. they put up 5 old posts, some of which were from more than a year ago. i come here to tell yo bloglines is being goofey, and you have a post for today. go figger. lvoe the yarn though (i know, i've got a bad case of typoese tonight, but i don't care, i'm ired)

Kim said...

Love the bright cheery yarn! It's very nice indeed to know the name of the beast from whence the fiber came. I pretty much love anything named Fudgy.

Zarzuela said...

Yay! I'm so glad the new pal is working out much better. Great gifties! :)