Tuesday, March 27, 2007

S2K Wipeout

Seen Sunday at Jenks, Point Pleasant Beach. Notice fullsuit with hood, gloves, and booties on dude (it's cold out there!), tri-fins on board.

Jersey surfer

For those who don't know surfing, in surfer culture the best surfers are the ones having the most fun, not necessarily the most highly skilled. This dude is catching air because he is in the process of falling off his board. Wipeout! His board shot straight up and he went under (his buddies were spotting him), yet he came up smiling and eager to continue. It was a good wipeout.

Spin to Knit swap moderator Jaime Guthals confirmed that both my upstream pal in Las Vegas and my angel in Baltimore went incommunicado and are presumed dropped out, a thing that seems unfortunately... common. So Jaime organized a secret-optional consolation swap among S2K orphans. My new downstream pal is Crystal (please visit her and encourage her to GO FOR IT!!!); my new upstream pal is the mysterious Al. Both are definitely communicating [waving hi]!

For Crystal's first skein, I spindle-spun some blue Wensleydale from another beauteous Grafton Fibers batt. Like the others, it produced a delightfully marled skein. This one is 57 yds (52.5 m) of sportweight, shown with a new penny for scale. As usual, my digicam is playing the eccentric; colors are truer in the skein photo than in the batt photo.

Blue Wensleydale batt   Blue skein

I'm collecting some extras to keep the skein company, then will send it along with hopes for a good wipeout. Cowabunga!

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--Deb said...

Don't you hate it when people drop out like that? I'm so glad you found some good replacement pals!!