Thursday, May 3, 2007

Getting Ready

Maneki nekoThe reminder email for Bike New York arrived this afternoon, which reminded me that Debby (who is riding with Sarah) and Devorah wanted to know how to recognize me on Sunday. Well, I'm rather camera-shy, but here's the maneki neko [beckoning cat] squeaky toy on my handlebars. Maneki neko are supposed to bring good fortune, luck, health, etc. I also have a pink JelliBell. It's a BNY tradition to ring bike bells at the start (30,000 at once!), also to hoot like banshees in the tunnels on the FDR Drive.

My ride is a black cherry ombré (that's what the owner's manual says) Giant hybrid. The weather forecast is for a warm day, so I'm taking a hydration pack and a road trunk. I'm glad I checked the hydration pack – the bladder had black fur inside it again (euw!). This keeps happening to my Camelbak, never to my Platypus. I scrubbed it out, treated it with a fizzy cleaning tablet, rinsed many times, let it dry thoroughly – it's good to go.

My ride

As for the trunk, I usually follow the BNY suggested packing list, with two additions. I bring a purse pack of baby wipes to clean my hands at lunchtime, also in case there's no toilet paper in the portable potties. And I bring a traveling sock.

Here's some of the candidates for my Sockapalooza pal's sock, not to mention Modern Yarn is offering a 15% discount to 'paloozers. Decisions, decisions.

Potential Sockapalooza socks

I don't know what I'm wearing yet. White helmet, yellow windshell, and BNY vest to be sure, but the rest I'll leave to Sunday morning. If I finish my first Jaywalkers in time, I'll wear 'em.

Just for fun, I'm bringing a small surprise for cycling knitters (or knitting spectators). Five or six should be sufficient, doncha think? They'll be in the rear pocket of my road trunk. A meet up may be statistically improbable, but odder things have been known to happen and I do like to be ready.


Stephanie said...

Those are all beautiful yarns. What a lucky sock pal!

Devorah said...

Thanks for the visual. Both kids looked carefully and are sure they will recognize your bike. They have also convinced me to carry some trade-ables as well. *g*

--Deb said...

Good luck and have fun--it looks like it's going to be gorgeous weather!

Deborah said...

Have fun, I'll be in the garden! P.S. Is Purlsoho open on sunday??

dragon knitter said...

is that trekking color # 104? i'm using it to do my sockpalooooza socks. i've alredy gotten 4 inches done! (i lucked out. i had a pattern & yarn picked out, and she fits them perfectly!)

Kim said...

Black cherry ombre. Sounds good enough to eat. One year I was driving through one of the tunnels on the FDR while the BNY folks were cycling on the other side. I got to hear the hooting and hollering of the bikers. I rolled down my window and joined in. Hope you had a great ride!

Theresa said...

I take it your pal likes blues and purples, eh? Have a lovely ride.

Debby said...

I am so sorry we missed you on Sunday! It would have been so nice to meet up.

I hope you had a good ride. Our experience was similar to the Squids. I hope to post photos shortly.