Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jaywalking Backwards

My first pair of Jaywalkers suffered a not unexpected setback over the weekend. I've been tweaking the pattern and on the second sock finally got the fit just right.

Almost a pair

After which the first sock simply wouldn't do. At least the ribbing can be re-used.

Backwards progress

The pattern as written yields a baggy cuff with a soft drape that contrasts with the firm chevron fabric more than I like, so I cast on 64 sts using 0s, worked the 2x2 ribbing, changed to 1s, increased to 76 sts, then began the chevron pattern. In the chevron pattern, I substituted left- and right-leaning m1 increases for kfb increases because I prefer the look. The result is a somewhat inelastic sock, which I hope will prove hard-wearing. I plan to use this pair for cycling (hence the hi-viz mi bandera colors). If I can finish on time, I'll wear them for Bike NY.

Also this weekend, I spotted this pair of blue morph snow geese at Clarks Pond (Exit 151). Their size, pink legs, pink bill with black grin patch, and black primary feathers make the identification fairly certain.

Snow geese

Except the bird book says eastern snow geese are pure white with black primaries and western snow geese are blue with black primaries. Both forms are supposed to migrate in vast flocks to spend the summer on the arctic tundra. Huh. Guess this happy couple didn't read the book. If they stick around and set up housekeeping, it'll be interesting to see what their goslings look like.

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Debby said...

Now I know how to spot you on Sunday. I'll look for the socks, LOL!

Kim said...

I hope the presence of those geese roundabout Exit 151 does not mean that our summer will be like summer in the arctic tundra. I gasped when I saw the frogging on Jaywalker. WOW! When your socks are done, make sure you get a photo of your feet on the bike pedals. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love those colors!