Monday, July 23, 2007

La La La La

[Blogger seems to have gone haywire. I did not revise my blog 20 times Friday afternoon, but I'm told that's what's showing up on some feed readers. I hope things have calmed down.]

It would seem almost everyone else in the Mystery Stole 3 Knit-along is taking a short break to read Deathly Hallows.HP cover I most likely won't see the copy I reserved from the library until August, so the break = a chance for this slow bee to catch up. All I have to do is knit like the wind whilst singing with hands over ears to avoid spoilers. DH loves spoilers. He limits himself to reputable sources, but reads avidly. Then he looks like he's going to plotz if he doesn't discuss them with someone, preferably me. Uh, I appreciate the sentiment, dearheart, but LA LA LA LA!

Here's my washed and blocked gauge swatch (note to self: less tension on the bind off, do not slip edge stitches).

Gauge swatch

And here's somewhat rumpled progress through Row 35. Which means the gauge swatch currently is bigger than the WIP. I'm using a skein of Skacel Merino Lace that has been in stash so long I can't read its colorway (I think it's 036 Beige) and clear iridescent beads from stash. I was hoping for better light for the photo – neither is quite true – but it's been raining like crazy today.

MS3 at Row 35

The reading period is also an opportunity to wade through the stupefying volume of email generated by the KAL.Mystery Stole 3 Slow Bee button I've considered switching to Special Notice (= special messages from the listmom only), but there's the occasional rare gem, not least the excellent button that Bonne Marie made for the Slow Bees (she also has the best WIP photo, one of the few that gives a sense of scale). I particularly appreciate the not-on-target motif (it's apt in so so many ways) and display mine with pride.

Some other gems include:
  • Gracious listmom Melanie was interviewed by USA Today (article pending); the reporter is in the KAL.

  • T. and J. of Baad Medicine are organizing a Hanami Stole KAL (another Melanie pattern), to start in September after MS3 is finished.

  • Tiffany reported the MS3 list has become the talk of the G.I. Joe list (who knew?).

  • The German word for argh is argh (ditto).

  • Blogless nessazimm identified Woolite as the Work of the Devil – despite the name its pH and optical brighteners are NOT kind to wool or silk.

  • And blogless Leslie posted a link to vegan Knit Night cupcakes, which strangely resemble the Yarn Bus (sadly damaged by a freak tornado).

The MS3 KAL even has a charitable cause, Genesis Women's Shelter. Listmom Melanie mentioned this worthy nonprofit mainly because certain entrepreneurial participants pressed her – donations are strictly freewill. She blogs about domestic violence and the shelter here.


dragon knitter said...

i think i'm just going to have to break down and go buy some size 1 circs. i'm using 3's, and it's making my yarn look like crap. i won't buy more yarn, but needles? never know when you're oging to need them. i may just take the 3's back, since i still have the receipt and packaging (they're addi lace turbos, though! le sigh)

and i finished the book saturday night, AFTER both boys had read their copies at the library (boy #2 finished in 4 1/2 hours! and there was one girl there who finished it before him!). all i'll tell you is that if you love harry potter, you'll love the book, but bring kleenex. some of the deaths just seem unfair (and JKR did say it was going to be a bloodbath, so :P)

Kim said...

I haven't read a single Harry Potter book so I am also doing the hands over the ears la la la la thing. I plan on starting the first one over the weekend. Talk about a slow bee, I'm more like a slug. Very admirable use of stash yarn & beads for the mystery shawl!

--Deb said...

Surely by now DH can find SOMEONE who's read the book that he could speculate with? I hope you manage to stay spoiler-free!