Monday, August 20, 2007

Still Busy

I'm still crazy-busy, but am breaking radio silence briefly to show off the witty Alabama Fiber Dreams stitch markers that were the prize for the SOS Weekly Link Contest. Thanks, Jessica! They're so-so apropos right now.

Martini stitch markers

(Sorry about the off-colors, it's overcast today. I tried a sketchy version of the clever DIY light tents, but obviously need a stronger light source that emits more blue, less red. Hm... maybe the Sun Gun would help.)

I put the stitch markers to work immediately. The current sock,SOS2 tease a riff on Cedar architecture in Cat Bordhi's amazing New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One, calls for a number of markers. More pix when there's better light and more time.

Incidentally, reading the book is an experience not unlike imbibing spice – I feel like space has folded! It's a must-have, chock full of dazzling patterns, innovative sock "architectures," and superior techniques. The elegant short-row method (a greatly improved wrap-and-turn) is almost worth the cover price alone – now there is no excuse for ugly short-row heels.

For the mycophiles out there, Friday's hard rain was not kind to the puffball. When I got home, it looked like a cracked hard-boiled egg. I feared the worst, but the spore sac inside the shell recovered and grew a pore anyway. (Click on photos to view larger.) It puffs quite nicely. Alas, my digicam is 'way too slow to capture actual puffing.

Puffball broken Puffball recovered

OK, back to the grindstone. While I'm grinding away, please go and send some healing thoughts to Jessica's mom.


Bezzie said...

Those markers are hilarious!

Zarzuela said...

So glad you like them. And thanks for the kind thoughts for my Mom. :)


knitseashore said...

Great stitch markers! I hope that you are getting lots of good rides in. It's raining this week so I'm not sure that I'll get out.

Deborah said...

Only 1 puff ball have you?? I have dozens, accompanied by moss, and a gazillion tree nuts that is littering everything! Oh, and by the way, where is the sun?

Kim said...

Kat's new book is calling to me. Hope I get to see the new sock in person next Thursday!