Thursday, August 16, 2007

This Is August?

I have the notion that August is a slow month, when lots of people go away for vacation. Apparently that's superstitious nonsense – I'm crazy-busy. I do want to note the presence of some recent arrivals, but must be brief.

First, and one proof it really is August, my upstream Sockapalooza 4 pal, Melissa in California, sent these excellent ripply socks. Thank you Melissa – they fit perfectly and I do love a pink ripply sock! (Kindly excuse the gruesome leg stubble and mosquito bites.)

Sockapalooza socks

More evidence it's really August, there's a puffball in my lawn. The pore should be developing soon [g]. I'm easily amused.

There were other goodies in the Sockapalooza package: a sweet note, tasty tea and chocolate from California purveyors, and yummy silk laceweight. The chocolate vanished pretty much immediately and Mom's got her eye on that laceweight. And a brisk cuppa makes a nice start when it turns cold, as it will soon enough.

Sockapalooza loot

My Jersey Represent! button and Jessie's MOO card (blue ripples!) arrived. Thanks, Jessie – I love the button (and it seems like all the cool kids have MOO cards)!

Jersey Represent! button

Finally, it must be August because my Congressman, Bill Pascrell, held a town hall meeting on Tuesday. He talked about Iraq, health care, and energy – serious topics all and a sobering reminder that lots of people aren't getting a vacation this month. The Q-and-A was mostly straightforward, but there were some oddities: two gold standard advocates (Lyndon LaRouche devotees), a global warming denier, a guy who questioned other people's patriotism if they disagreed with him, and a guy highly critical of Congressional earmarks.

Curiously, in an interview yesterday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said the investigation into the Minneapolis bridge collapse is ongoing, but went on to blame Congressional earmarks for diverting funding from bridges to bicycle paths (!). Alas for the secretary, the facts are easily checked – her comment is not true, but (speaking of diversions) it is interesting. Plus this twice-in-two-days mention of earmarks has my ears twitching. I wonder what's up.

I owe MissyJoon a shout-out, but want to compose a proper post – sorry about the delay. Also Deb wants to see my completed Soleil and I need to post my Sockapalooza reveal. All this – and more! – when I have more time.


Kristen said...

Don't you love stomping on a ripe puffball? Just don't do it with the pretty pink socks on.
Thanks for teaching me a new term- earmarking. And also for the rebuttal to Ms. Peters by the Bike League director - go cyclists!

Bezzie said...

Purty socks! And puffballs! I haven't seen those since I left AK! NJ rocks!!

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Love the socks!

Kim said...

You know it's August when you've got leg hair stubble & mosquito bites. My legs are the same, plus some bruises. Great sockapalooza socks! I love to stomp on puff balls or run them over with a lawnmower!

Ina said...

Lol. Shaving irritates mosquito bites, don't you know.

Jessie said...

Yay! Glad you liked the button. I'm so happy with how they came out! Also, awesome socks.