Monday, September 24, 2007

Some Wandering, Some Lost

In the last set of comments, Jeanne asked "What are the things that look like fish?" They're yarn bobbins, used in certain kinds of colorwork. They hold small amounts of yarn neatly, with less (not no) tangling.

Fish bobbins

Over time I've amassed a vast collection of bobbins in divers sizes, shapes, and colors. Mostly because, as now, I can't find them when I want them, so I get more. No doubt they're wandering (not lost) somewhere roundabout Area 151 and will turn up in good time. In a pinch I've used bits of cardboard as bobbins, too.

Deborah wanted to know if I'm going to Rhinebeck. I'm planning to attend on Sunday. Further, thanks to the indefatigable Stitchy McYarnpants, I'm playing Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo again – I'm a square!

I'm a Square!   Blogger Bingo button

Squares need a way to display the Blogger Bingo (and Jersey Represent!) button. There were some stray skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted, colorway M-64 Charcoal, and Noro Yoroi, colorway 4, in stash, so I'm knitting up a small backpack (to be f-f-felted). It's at the formless blog stage.

Backpack in progress

The backpack started out as one of Linda Cyr's Fabulous Felted Backpacks in Knitters K61, Winter 2000, then the mods took over. [Mwaahaha.] I decided to make a smaller size, to knit it in one piece to eliminate seaming later, and to omit the bobbled cables, which are gorgeous, but lost (not wandering) in the Yoroi.

That reduces a somewhat elaborate project to mindless TV knitting – perfect for this evening's season premieres. Eileene insists Heroes and Journeyman are worth watching, so I'm watching.


Kim said...

I thought you had an aversion to felting? The fishies, which I just assumed were stitich markers, are adorable. Only 8,000 or so people ahead of me in the Ravelry line. Once I get my invite, the first order of biz is joining the Jersey Represent group.

Calling on Kahlo said...

Thanks for the reminder to send an email to Stitchy. I enjoyed Blogger Bingo.

I still need to order my jersey represent buttons.

Devorah said...

Yea! I'm also a player and square. See you in Rhinebeck!

Jeanne said...

Thanks - I thought they were bobbins but wasn't sure! I'm thinking about going to Rhinebeck on Sunday too - I hear it isn't as crowded - last year it was crazy!

Alotta.knittin said...

I'm OK with the bobbins, but that is that other thing??? Not the point protectors, the thing that could be mistaken for the spine and bones of some weird fish??? (to go along with the one fish blue fish theme....) Thanks.

Ina said...

Alotta.Knittin: That's a spinner's control card, an aid in spinning consistent singles. Otherwise there's a tendency to start thick and end thin and go wobbly in between.