Thursday, November 15, 2007

NaKniSweMoNorovember 15

Yikes, it's midmonth already (must knit faster)! It took five or six attempts to get the Rosedale sleeves to look like sisters. I think the sororal relationship suits Kureyon better than the fraternal (identical is a lost cause). As Ovid put it via Thomas Bulfinch: "Facies non omnibus una, nec diversa tamen, qualem decet esse sororum. Their faces were not all alike, nor yet unlike, but such as those of sisters' ought to be."

Rosedale sleeves

Meaning, the stripes are more or less aligned. Although the elder sleeve has more saturated color than the younger sleeve. And [cough] there's a couple more rows of corrugated ribbing on the younger sleeve. It doesn't bother me enough to... er, that's it!... my arms are different lengths.

Matching does seem to be the current challenge/obsession. This sock defied all attempts to get its leg and foot to match. (Plus I had to redo the toe several times, but that was Benadryl fog.) I knew the ankle would flash and rather like the shazaam pattern there. But I don't understand why the foot is so different from the leg and I daren't imagine what the second sock will look like. (I've always wanted to use daren't in a sentence.)

First sock, Country Christmas

Ah well, sisters.


Bezzie said...

I love fraternal!

Kim said...

Fraternal is good! The flashing on the sock looks great. I'm sucker for yarn doing it's own crazy thing.

Kristen said...

Being the youngest of 3 sisters, I like that Ovid quote you shared. You're doing a good job with the nearly-matching sleeves. Me, I'm happy with fraternal.

Jessica said...

I really like the styling of Rosedale. Can't wait to see more of your progress. :)