Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Observer Effect

It's Epiphany and the revelation of the day is apparently there has been a discontinuity in the spacetime of my blogoverse, undetected by me but observable by others (thanks, Kelli). Not only would that seem to confirm empirically the existence of the Black Hole of Crafting, but also to imply I've already tumbled in.

Astrophysics tells us that by the time we observe something, the event is already in the past, possibly by billions of years. Quantum mechanics tells us that the very act of observation changes things. Both philosophy and accounting wrestle with issues of recency and priority. Me, I just blame the manvest.

Manvest on New Year's Day

Here it is on New Year's Day looking innocent, posing with dodecahedrons because of that which is stated chronologically later yet is logically prior: it is NaKniSweMoDo Project 1. The pattern is Peter Easy and the yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, colorway 6287 Denim Mix.

Less than a week later, it has achieved the Vast Expanse o' Stockinette stage. Can anything stop the manvest? And, do I want to, even for (let us say) Distaff Day, tomorrow?


Kim said...

Just hunker down and show that man vest who is boss. I just emerged from a Vast Expanse on a Woman Vest. Not so daunting as a man vest.

Daniele said...

He SO better love that vest!!