Wednesday, February 13, 2008

C is for Cookies

C is for cookies. It's still not French toast weather roundabout Exit 151, although yesterday's wintry mix made Allwood Road so slick, quite a few cars got stranded, unable to climb the incline behind the Tick Tock Diner. I did an inadvertent split while pushing slush off my front walk – feet just went in different directions (ow, but better than a face plant). Everyone be careful out there!


These are the usual, classic Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies with double vanilla, 150% chips, no nuts, dough chilled before baking. Some things just don't change. Although some localvores may cavilcane sugar, vanilla, and chocolate don't grow around Exit 151 and therefore perhaps the very conscientious may condemn their consumption.

C is also for cardi. I'm attempting to salvage the Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi by re-knitting it as the hobo chic Oversized Cardigan by Barry Klein (VK Fall 2006 #25). Right now there's not much to show beyond a vast expanse o' stockinette.

Cardigan back

A couple Ravelers have commented that the pattern knits up (and the pattern schematics indicate) rather a different silhouette than the pattern's name and photo would tend to suggest. If the cardi is the same as the Yosemite Classic Cardigan (#3534), that photo seems truer to the VK schematics. It looks like there's an error in the VK directions for the bottom of the front bands, too. [Eyeroll] At least the vast expanse o' stockinette has reminded me how much I like the yarn, Malabrigo Aquarella. And if Plan B doesn't work, I've got Plans C and D ready and waiting.


Suburbaknitsta said...

were you stuck behind tick tock?? You should have called me I am like a block away... Those cookies look very very yummy

--Deb said...

Very yummy cookies!

Bezzie said...

I was going to say--I've always wondered what that hill back there on Allwood would be like in bad weather. Chunky's school is at the Temple around the corner. I avoid that hill and go past Roche instead.

Hee hee, maybe I can somehow figure out how to grow a cocoa tree and we can solve that local chocolate problem ;-) Somehow I doubt it's not easy like potatoes.

Kim said...

I can't imagine anyone in their right mind condemning chocolate chips cookies. Geesh. I love to gaze at miles of lovely stockinette, especially when it's such a yummy colored Malabrigo.