Monday, February 11, 2008

Not R Tam

'Cello music works every time. After seeing the Serenity title sequence over at Rainy's, I tracked down the movie and watched it this weekend. DH was happy when he found the Easter egg (then was sad it was just the one). And I finished knitting Toque, Yo! by Rosemary Hill, which (so far as I know) does not contain any subliminal messages, but does have jogless stripe joins.

Toque, Yo! top

The green thread marks the opening of the clever casing around the top of the hat. A length of boning goes in the casing. I need to find some – in the meantime, without boning the hat can be folded to show off its striped top and mosaic sides at the same time.

Toque, Yo!

Off to find boning and Fruity Oaty Bars the Firefly DVDs. I missed the series when it aired originally, but if the movie is a fair sample, the 'verse is worth a view.


Iko said...

Have you watched the original series that Serenity is based on? It's fantastic! I went absolutely nuts for it when it was being broadcast. It's one of the few things that we watch regularly when we want to "put something on" while we hang out in the living room (I'm usually spinning or knitting while he's folding clothes or reading or writing).

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Can't stop the signal!!! Yay!!!

Chrispy said...

I loved firefly when it was airing. i was really sad to see it canceled. i got my non-action film hubby hooked when i dragged him to serenity.

the dvds have a few eps that were not aired and the dvd has them in the proper order which they were not aired properly.

Kim said...

Love that hat!

Mary in VA said...

Don't you just love the top of the hat! I never did get the fuss about the jog, but here the jogless join really is worthwhile!

Gorgeous hat!

Bezzie said...

Can you buy boning at a fabric store? I guess I never realized that hat had boning, but it makes sense.

I like the twilight zone effect on the top of the hat--you might be able to hypnotize some people wearing it and spinning in circles.

Jessica said...

Very cool hat! I've never quite understood the directions for the jogless jog, but I've never really tried it either. It looks great!

annmarie said...

the hat looks great! :)