Friday, March 21, 2008

A Red Sweater Day

Although I'm late to the party, it must be noted that yesterday was Sweater Day! Children's educator Mr. Rogers would have turned 80 yesterday and since his signature garment was a sweater (most were handknit by his mom), yesterday was a day to wear a favorite sweater in his honor. Today isn't so bad either. While some would insist only a red cabled zip front will do, Mr. Rogers was an infinitely accepting person who wore many styles and colors of sweaters over the years, well worthy of honors. So here's my favorite old sweater, the whimsical VK cat sweater:

Cat sweater

Much as I love it, perhaps it's not quite suitable for Good Friday services. Ah well, at least no one could possibly dislike these cheery embellished mittens from my Mitten Swap pal, Deb. Deb is not only my upstream pal, she's also the swap organizer and won the Bobby for Funniest Ravatar (as knitiot on Ravelry)!

Mitten Swap mittens

Thank you, Deb, I love my new mittens and all the other loot (Fiddlehead Mittens pattern, Frog Tree Alpaca yarn, artisinal chocolates (!), project bag, beach reading, notepad and magnet, and little sheepy friend, plus a sheep drinking glass not pictured because of flare). The fit and colors are perfect!

Mitten Swap loot

Yesterday was also Maundy Thursday, Purim (a sometimes boisterous holiday), and the spring equinox – clearly, a red-letter day. It was too windy to balance an egg on its point outdoors, perhaps because of all the hot air directed at various members of my church denomination, which has made for an interesting Holy Week. So instead of an amusing egg photo, here's a brief 2008 Presidential Candidates Implicit Association Test, which I hope gentle readers will find both illuminating and entertaining.


Kim said...

What wonderful mittens and a great bunch of stuff from your swap pal. I made it about 1/4 of the way through the test and crapped out. I wasn't sure I was doing it correctly.

Kaye said...

Great mittens--nice flowers just in time for spring.

And I like the VK Cat Head Sweater. I'm growing to love that VK.