Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cherryblossomland 2008

For Earth Day, here's some pix from Branch Brook Park, affectionately known as Cherryblossomland. I never tire of the show.

Single pink

Renewal of this graceful urban treasure continues apace. There are new playing fields, a roofed bocce pit, and the old fieldhouse and the old community center have been refurbished (= nice new accessible restrooms!).

Cherry Blossom Center

The ponds have been stocked with trout (eagerly sought after by anglers, not pictured), which makes the prohibition on dumping in the park's drains all the more critical.

Trout sign   No Dumping

An area along the canal was clear-cut (gasp – so many trees gone!) and replanted. Many of the new trees are so young, they still need braces. This grouping of weeping cherries looks very promising – I look forward to watching them grow and mature.

New plantings

Even with all the creative destruction, there's no lack of old friends to visit.

A favorite tree

I like a mix of tree silhouettes, bark colors and textures, and blossom colors and types, although my faves tend to be the small single pinks.

A favorite tree

Because every sock deserves an adventure or two, I took the Annetrelac socks to frolic amongst the cherry blossoms.

Annetrelac Sock   Socks on grass

Entrelac is not a favorite technique, but I'm happy with these socks, not to mention they're my first Sockdown! project to [cough] finish on time. They're kinda like these large double pinks, just plain appealing.

Double pinks

I got more cherry blossom pix (wanna see more?), but that's enough for one post. I hope your Earth Day was green and blooming!


bookwoman said...

Beautiful pictures.

My neighbors have a cherry tree, which is the view from the window above the kitchen sink. This is my favorite time of year to do dishes.

And, a bocce pitch with a roof? Really?

Bezzie said...

Oh very pretty! I can't wait to work a few blocks from this!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous pics! And I *love* the entrelac socks! I may really have to make these this summer....

Kim said...

Gorgeous trees! I like the single pinks best too. You couldn't have picked a more deserving pair of socks to go to Cherryblossomland.

CrazyFiberLady said...

I look forward to your Cherry Blossom pictures every year. Just gorgeous. I prefer the single pinks as well. There's an interesting cherry tree in the front of the kids' school. It has white blossoms on the outside and pink in the center of the tree. Must ahve been some grafting on that baby. Pretty though.