Friday, May 16, 2008

ABC-Along I Contest Winners

The entries are entered, the judges have judged, the auditors have audited – so without further ado (lest blogless Kelli lose patience) here are the winners of the ABC-Along 2008 I Contest!

The judge's favorite is: I is for... eye? by Steph (also see her blog, Stellify). Steph selected Lotus Toes, Iris as her prize.

Lotus Toes, Iris

The random winner is: mizz independent by Purlewe (also see her blog, Purlewe). Purlewe's prize is Fannie's Fingering, Indigo.

Fannie's Fingering, Indigo

The I Contest judges, Vicki and I, enjoyed perusing the entries – they're well worth a look. I would particularly commend these Honorable Mention pix, but thanks must go to all who entered.

I is for Island by underdutchskies (also see her blog post).

I is for Illusions by Susie M (also see her blog post).

I is for Ice Cream by Wool Winder (also see her blog post).

Speaking of ice cream, I keep forgetting to mention that Applegate Farm is offering free with coupon ice cream on Wednesday evenings in May. Go get some – it's yummy stuff!

Another amusement for this rainy Friday: Friday Night Open Mic on Ravelry. It's amazing. I love the greetings, the many beautiful accents, and the remarkable voice recognition software, fascinating when it works and even more intriguing when it gets flummoxed.


Kim said...

Excellent prizes. When I get some free time I'm going to check out the I is for entries. I was too late posting to enter the contest. Oh well.
Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Details on my blog. I can't remember if you are anti-meme.

Bezzie said...

I got distracted by the icecream website...what was this post about? Prizes? Ah yes, very pretty. I like that Iris yarn.

Vicki Knitorious said...

Thank you, again, Ina! The contest was definitely a lot of fun and your prizes are nothing short of Incredible (and Incredibly generous).

Kelli S. said...

Your opening caught me off-guard...impatient? you jest. I'm not really impatient, there are, however, consequences for poor behavior.

The indigo yarn is beaut! ~ksp

Ina said...

Kelli: In this context, I was thinking of your dislike of wordy preamble, but you are, of course, free to self-identify as not really impatient.