Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fade to Black

May Day May Day May Day. M'aidez! This is not a drill. I am declaring a blog emergency – or at least another rant. I need help! As an inducement to gentle readers, I can offer pix of May Day flowers and SoS yarn.

Here's the flowers, rare yellow Clivia from the Philadelphia Flower Show. Clivias are long-lived, slow growing plants, so it's a treat to see a large specimen in flower.

Yellow Clivia

Here's the rant: I just spent a longish amount of time talking to my telcom. What I thought was a simple service call has turned into a tumble down the rabbit hole. It makes little difference to the outcome, but I'm glad I asked a lot of questions.

At the moment I have no dial tone on my landline telephone, but do have DSL Internet service. That's supposed to be impossible. I'm told that if dial tone isn't restored within 48 hours, the Central Office will recognize something impossible is happening and will delete my line share, which will terminate my DSL account. I'll not only not have Internet or email, but also will lose all uploaded files, some of which are graphics that decorate this blog. Once dial tone is restored it will take about a week to establish a new line share and a new DSL account. The kicker, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, is I am paying for these services.

It would seem Doom is certain. After Doom falls, the blog will still be here, but it will look somewhat different. What to do? Scream? Cry? Rampage like I'm on Annuale? Of course not. Knitters knit on. The bright side of an Internet blackout is less time spent on Ravelry, more time spent knitting and planning knitting.

Here's the yarn: I've been thinking of a personal theme for my Summer of Socks 2008,Summer of Socks 2008 button something to do with carbon footprint reduction and stash reduction. I certainly have enough yarn already in stash to symbolize carbon footprints, yea, more than sufficient for my SoS (I'm so not a candidate for the Most Socks competition), and perhaps even enough to demonstrate over-consumption.

SoS yarn

I'm looking forward to a season of knitting carbon footprint socks. The muted shades will provide an opportunity to explore fancy stitches and texture. Not to mention good warm handknit socks keep feet happy when the thermostat is set low.

As my Internet access goes bye-bye, let me leave you with this Fox News blooper. Fair warning: don't sip any beverages whilst reading.


Kelli S. said...

What a cool idea for SoS. I look forward to seeing the offerings. ~ksp

Bezzie said...

Oh good lord, I'm rolling over the Douglass picture and that SNL skit. I love the way you cushion your rants with hilarity and pretty yarn and flowers!

I recently had issues w/my tv/internet/phone provider. Hee hee, suckers. They ended up losing money after trying to screw me over. Here's hoping the same for you!

--Deb said...

Um . . . do you backup your blog? Because now would be an EXCELLENT time to do that! Good luck!

Kim said...

I'm confused. :)

Why would you lose your uploaded files if you lose the DSL? Where are they hosted that the DSL is such an integral part of the image hosting? And either way, can't you just save them to your local computer in the meantime while you still have a connection?

Sorry for all the questions, and on a first comment too!

Ina said...

Deb: Excellent suggestion!

Kim: Thanks for the questions. To clarify, my DSL service is an ISP bundle that includes Internet, email, and webspace. I use my allotted webspace to support this blog. I do indeed have local backups of the the uploaded files. The problem is the harm to the blog when the uploaded files are terminated and the time and trouble required to restore the blog. There's a not insignificant amount of coding involved.

Lisa said...

Like the carbon footprint idea but the one time I knit black socks I thought I'd go insane. I think you'll need an ice cream break at Holstens!

craftivore said...

I love the carbon footprint sock idea. Maybe just the soles of the socks are black or gray?

Sorry for you internet troubles, I'm keeping my virtual fingers crossed for you.

Kim said...

That truly stinks about the DSL dialtone snafu. And the worst part, you are the innocent victim! I like your carbon foot print theme complete with carbon colors.

Hang in there!

Jessica said...

Hope the ISP issues are resolved by now. Thanks for the SOS plug. I'm very interested in your theme idea! Can't wait to see how it plays out!

knitnzu said...

Crapola about the DSL/phone troubles! (I just added you into bloglines). I've been happy with IHS, ihswebsolutions DOT com, $15 and they host you on wordpress and help you out with all your technical problems. Good luck with it, and yup, a good way to spend more time knitting!

cordeliaknits said...

OK, that "flub" was hilarious! It almost makes me wonder if they have some subversive college intern working at Fox news that's smarter than any of their fact-checkers.

Annie said...

Last year we had the same issue--no dial tone, unable to receive/make calls but DSL through the phone line still worked. For us, it was because the actual wires for the phone line coming into the house and the box that transitions from the outside line to the inside line was original to our 1954 house. I still don't get why DSL worked but not phone. All I know is that they came out, replaced the outside line and the box in the garage and it all worked without costing us a penny. I hope it worked/works out for you!