Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The other evening I was idly looking at my vegetable garden and suddenly thought, "That's not how it looked this morning." Some things were nibbled to the ground...

Parsley damage

... others were sans leaders (the growing tips). My digicam wanted to focus on the stake rather than the plant, but you get the idea – something is missing.

Tomato damage

If that weren't calamity enough, there was a fire in a building that houses the Malabrigo offices and mill, see their website and blog. Fortunately, no one was injured, property damage is limited, and insurance covers both inventory loss and business interruption.

I also wore a hole in one of my much-appreciated Sockapalooza 4 socks.

Worn sock

Gah. It's time for some flower pix! Here's a view of the Presby Iris Gardens. Bloom was uneven this year – judging from the condition of the plants, I'd guess the next really good year will be 2010.

Presby Iris Garden

When DH and I moved roundabout Exit 151, the garden was unfenced.Presby Iris Garden Over the years there was occasional trouble with marauding deer and with destructive vandals, so the garden was eventually fenced. But this spring a thief with a connoisseur's eye dug up several valuable varieties. The garden director insists no true gardener would do such a thing – and probably not a merchant either, the perp is likely an unprincipled collector. To which I say what I always say, May müths eat their stash!

Today is the dark of the moon and also the statewide Primary Election Day in New Jersey. Y'all know the routine – polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Bezzie said...

I would like to pretend that nibbling doesn't happen as a pot gardener, but alas, the winged creatures are my downfall.

Beautiful irises! I've seen what seem to be more and more beautiful ones around the neighborhood than I remember. Maybe I just need to start paying closer attention.

Songbird said...

Are you sure you wore the hole? Might it have been nibbled? ;-)

Kristen said...

Do you know what is eating your garden? I'm thinking we've just been lucky to be free of nibblers up to now, but know that we really should fence things in.

Ina said...

Kristen: A photo of the #1 suspect is on the sidebar.

--Deb said...

That sounds like a less than ideal day, that's for sure. I hope it gets better!

And, I was thinking about the iris garden the other day, it was so much fun when Mom and I went last year--was that a particularly good year? Because, either way, we were impressed!

Nancy said...

Oh those waskly wabbits - just remember I have 2 famished beagles who would love to have a go at them. Sorry your garden has been gnawed so early in the season!

bookwoman said...

When a family of rabbits took up residence under our shed, I gave up on gardening. Although for two summers, we had robust, well-fed bunnies in our neighborhood.

And isn't it just mind-boggling sometimes, what people will steal?

CrazyFiberLady said...

Something nibbled all the leaves off my basil plants again. I'm going to have to plant anew. Poor sock.

craftivore said...

There are perps everywhere, gardeners can be perps too. Too bad about the sock. Will you darn it?

Devorah said...

Sorry about the plants. :-( Too bad you can't plant a part of the garden just for them and ask them to stay away from the rest. Too bad bunnies just don't care.

Got to admit, I do not have those problems, 11 stories up as I am.

But now you have an excuse to make more socks!