Wednesday, August 27, 2008

P is for Progressives

P is for progressives. It's the vision thing.

If Monday night's DNC tribute to Ted Kennedy wasn't enough to make me feel that I'm ::cough:: well into my middle age,Progressives during my last eye exam I was asked the fateful question, "Are you sitting farther away from the computer screen than you used to?" Uhhhh....

It turns out that for me presbyopia is all about the middle distances. It's no problem to thread a needle or to pick out street signs, but somehow my arms aren't long enough to read the paper. So I got progressive lenses.

Alas, I hate them. I find the intentionally variable vertical focus to be nausea-inducing and the unintentional lateral distortion greatly increases the size of my blind spot when I'm driving. Perhaps I'll do better with plain old reading glasses or maybe these snazzy DIY reading clip-ons.

The Ravel*****s may be over, but all the nutty goodness continues to amaze and delight,Ravelympics sock put particularly the Parade of FOs and the tribute to the Bobicii. My second and last contribution to the parade is this pair of Spring Forward socks (my ::cough:: first complete pair for Summer of Socks), pictured with golden Jersey tomatoes.

I have a third Ravel*****s project still in progress – no medal there, but that's as expected. It's for a swap and will be revealed presently.

Redacted 6/26/12: The Ravelry event formerly known by a name that rhymes with and supposedly infringes on the Olympics™.


Bezzie said...

I like the socks--they give new meaning to the term gold toe socks!

Alex said...

Give your glasses some time to get used to them. It took me a while. I couldn't stand having to take glasses off and put them on again all the time and progressives were the answer. I ended up (after several years and several pairs) splurging on Zeiss "made to fit your face" glasses and they are just perfect. After this many years my eyes have stopped changing so fast so I think I can wear these for many years (I hope!).

Kim said...

Dig that golden toe. My one & only pair of SOS socks (also completed in August!) were also Spring Forwards. Yours are fab!

Daniele said...

I can relate. I'll be getting my first pair of TRIfocals next week!