Saturday, October 25, 2008

T is for Template

T is for template. I got tired of toting my socks in progress around in ::cough:: plastic zip bags, so I finally made a project bag following Dragon[knit]fly's tutorial, with a few tweaks. The result is this box bag, which looks rather like a dop kit gone deplorably wrong. Hey, it's a prototype.

Halloween box bag

Mods: Because the fashion fabric is directional, I pieced and seamed it so the motifs would be right way up on both sides of the bag, which had the added benefit of securing the interfacing. The inside raw edges are finished with improvised binding (oh, for a bias tape maker or Creative Little Daisy's clever tutorial!). The handle is simplified and has a contrast lining, there's a loop at the bottom of the zipper to provide something to tug against whilst zipping, and there's a zipper pull. There's also a zipper guard, to keep the zipper from snagging on sock yarn. It took an incredible amount of time and re-sewing to get it just right and, sadly, the fabric shows the wear and tear.

Box bag, open

The bag interfacing is mediumweight Pellon, which gives the bag substantial body. I could see using lighter interfacing or skipping interfacing and even the lining for a soft, unconstructed look. I don't think I'd use anything like Timtex for an Amy Butler-esque look. I also don't think I'll use rayon thread for the topstitching again – it's 'way too fragile and was a slithery horror to work with.

Overall, I'm happy with the bag. It easily accomodates a sock in progress plus wallet, keys, and cell phone. The same concept with different proportions could be used as a lingerie bag or a shoe bag. I'm going to make more box bags – I certainly have enough socks in progress to fill quite a few. Hm... a smaller bag with pockets would be nice... hm... I wonder if left-handers would rather have the zipper guard on the other side of the zipper?
Yes We Carve
Meanwhile, I've been enjoying looking at political carved pumpkins. I'm a total klutz when it comes to pumpkin-carving, but the DIY stencils are giving me hope!


Bezzie said...

Cute bag. Did you get your Pellon locally?

Those pumpkins crack me up. I don't think I could do a political pumpkin--except for the party I WASN'T voting for. Why? Because I'd feel guilty smashing the pumpkin of the candidate I wanted. And one of the best parts of Halloween is smashing the pumpkins a few days later!

Jessica said...

Very cute bag! I love the ones I've gotten. Sewing machines scare me so I won't be making my own any time soon.

JessaLu said...

Nice bag! :o) I really like your addition of a zipper guard!

BeccaH said...

I've been wanting a bag like that for a while - I forgot about that tutorial (I have it bookmarked somewhere) - I think yours looks great!
Love the pumpkin!

CrazyFiberLady said...

Nice bag! The zipper guard is a cool addition. As a left hander it might make sense to put the guard on the other side, but then again, we lefties are pretty flexible, used to living life as righties dictate for us ;)

Daniele said...

You did a great job! Love the pumpkin fabric as well. :)

Deborah said...

so nice to be able to sew and carve a pumpkin without A: pricking one's fingers to the point of dismemberment and B: cutting one's fingers to the point of dismemberment...

way cute bag and pumpkin!