Monday, November 3, 2008

V is for Vote

V is for Tomorrow – Tuesday, November 4 – is General Election Day in the U.S. Remember the day well – it's not often that the choices are so clear and the consequences so historic.

Many observers have noted the exceptional role of high technology in this campaign with respect to fundraising – the same could be said about its role in organizing and the dissemination and the debunking of rumors. Tomorrow technology will play its part in documenting the election experience. Among the several organizations encouraging citizen journalism are PBS and YouTube with Video Your Vote, the New York Times Polling Place Photo Project, and Twitter Vote Report. If you want to participate, be sure to peruse this how-to resource.

November 2006

This is what my polling place, a public school, looked like two years ago – tomorrow I'll post pix from this year. The wait was modest then, but tomorrow I'm taking my knitting in anticipation of long lines. (It's a good thing the PTA always has a bake sale on Election Day.) NJ law prohibits electioneering inside a polling place or within 100 feet of its entrance, so I won't be taking any of my partisan finery or knitting projects – no pumpkins, buttons, T-shirts, mitts.

Mitts for Change

In New Jersey, polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Don't forget the two public questions – see analysis!) Find more NJ voter information here; for voter information for all of the U.S., see here.


Bezzie said...

I'm betting most people go this morning. I've yet to encounter long lines in any state for voting in any type of election. I also never vote in the morning either.

Deborah said...

times like these, i wish there was an Evelyn Wood for knitters...

Kelli Simone said...

thanks for the link to the question analysis. Before I saw the link, I didn't read my sample ballot.

Nice mitts. ~ksp

dragon knitter said...

i got lucky. i walked into my polling place with my knitting, and got right in. as i was leaving 6 people walked in the door, and i saw 3 more people parking. my area is notorious for slowness during the day as there are a lot of working people there. my daughters aren't voting ( :( ). the older doesn't due to religious choices, and the younger said she didn't feel she was up enough on the issues to make a choice, but that she knew that by not voting, she doesn't have the right to bitch, either. not happy about it, but i can't do anything, they're 24 & 22