Monday, December 29, 2008

L is for Lacuna

L is for lacuna. NJ Senate President Dick Codey is subbing as governor again, so it must be year end – and I still have a quartet of ABC-Along posts left to do, so onward.

Gentle readersL is for lacuna may recall that L was omitted from the ordinary course of the ABC-Along. That is because last summer I was growing out my hair with the intention of making a donation to Locks of Love. At the time that seemed imminent, but then my haircutter moved. I figured more is better than less, so have been lazy about finding another. However, the length is finally starting to bug me – I'll be looking for a new stylist in the New Year.

Alas, Church of the Improv will also be looking in 2009 – for a new associate minister. The current excellent one is leaving at the end of the program year due to a spousal relocation. Sigh.


Bezzie said...

Darn spousal relocation! At least Dickie sees more action than your average Lt. Guv. ;-)

CrazyFiberLady said...

Good L's all around. I had to chortle when I heard on the news that Codey was going to be gov AGAIN.

Yay for the Locks of Love! I know what you mean about the length bugging you. I just chopped mine for that very same reason.

Happy New Year!

Kelli Simone said...

Don't you hate it that as soon as you get accustomed to a service professional (especially a stylist) they move away. Drats.

Good luck finding a replacement. ~ksp

Jessica said...

Good for you for doing the locks of love. I wanted to, but found out that color treated hair can't be used. :(

Nancy said...

I've bugging Haley to get a shorter haircut and Locks of Love would be a great cause for her to contribute to. Her hair is so thick it would be perfect. Sadly she will only agree to the smallest of trims -- 10-year-olds can truly be stubborn!

DH could have donated his hair once upon a time. His hair was longer than mine 15 years ago ;o)