Thursday, December 11, 2008


Queuing sweaters for NaKniSweMoDo but not casting on any has had its consequences, not least extreme pent up startitis. When I finished one of Juta's Stockings, I immediately cast on another sock as recommended. Excuse the muddy photo, it was raining (and freakishly warm) yesterday.

Juta singleton and Sweetheart wip

Gentle readers may observe that while tradition expects the second sock, the newcomer is a Sweetheart sock by Chrissy Gardiner. Sweetheart uses a modified staghorn cable similar to one on a sweater in queue – it's pretty in fingering on a sock but (surprise) I'm thinking maybe not so much in heavy worsted on a sweater.

Sweetheart front   Sweetheart back

A second surprise is I'm knitting exactly to pattern. At first I thought the 84-st cast on would be 'way too big, but the highly embossed cables draw in so much that every last stitch is needed. The front and back of the sock are delightfully different from each other (click to embiggen).

Inspired by the origami tree at the Natural History Museum, I folded some hearts for the Knitters for Obama holiday card swap. Thank you, Liana, for coordinating this excellent swap! There will be more pix of swap goodness to come.

Origami hearts

I learned the origami heart as a money fold; these half-square hearts have a pictorial tutorial here. My teacher learned it from Toshi Ito, Lance's mother. So that's me > my origami teacher > Mrs. Ito > Judge Lance Ito > O. J. Simpson, back in the news. Strange.

DH noticed all the busyness with patterns and paper, looked sad, and demanded a mansweater. Sigh. Manknits have a decidedly poor history chez Jersey Knitter: the man mitts are put away "for later," the manly scarf is the "wrong size" and is hibernating until I can bring myself to ::cough:: frog it,Mansweater pattern books and the cabled vest similarly got no love and really should be frogged. Sigh.

I've queued a his-n-hers design, Pine Tree Pullover and Pine Tree Cardigan by Linda Cyr (in VK Winter 1996/7), but I'm pretty sure additional resources will be needed stat. I'm thinking of adding Knitting for Him by Martin Storey and Wendy Baker to the modest library – suggestions are welcome.


Kim said...

Love both those socks! I would've balked at 84 stitches too. Those origami hearts are amazing and the connection with OJ and Judge Ito is too funny. Sounds like DH is hoarding man handknits.

Bezzie said...

I love your sock-sweater-substitute! Good idea!

Bridget said...

I received your card today, with the little heart enclosed - what a wonderful surprise! I was so excited, and now even more so, that I know you made them.

Thank you!

I think the socks are looking nice. But I'm like you, I'm not sure about a worsted sweater with staghorn cables ...

Daniele said...

The socks are looking great. What a wonderful pattern.

I just asked my husband yesterday if he wanted a hat or a scarf, and he said, "No thank you." Huh? Well...... I don't know how to respond to that! :)

Jessica said...

I have no idea why but your "breaking the rules" by casting on a *different* second sock is just tickling me to death this morning. :) You go girl!

Good luck with the man knits. They aren't very successful around here either.