Monday, January 5, 2009

Event Horizon

The manvest is approaching the Vast Expanse o' Stockinette stage. (It's not nearly so purple-y in person.) There oughta be voice over by Leonard Nimoy proclaiming, "We are now entering the Black Hole of Crafting" or some such.

Manvest in progress

Not least because although DH seems to like his vest in progress, he's also made some new requests. Yaaaaaaaah!


Kelli Simone said...

have you already reported what pattern the manvest is? Did i miss it? ~ksp

Jessica said...

Hmmm... sounds like mine. One pair of socks created a monster! ;)

Daniele said...

Excellent color! Did he request more Man Socks? :)

Kim said...

More knitting requests! Mr. Man has gone hog wild for wool.