Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Leaves

The laundry is screeching, so briefly: I cast on for another Malabrigo March project, Climbing Vines pullover by Joëlle Meier Rioux, worked in Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Indigo. This is a sleeve, with a leaf motif added to enliven the expanse o' stockinette. I do love leaves.

Climbing Vines sleeve

Tomorrow I'm off to the Philadelphia Flower Show to admire more leaves (among other things), such as these Carludovica palmata, source of the fiber used to make Panama hats.

Carludovica palmata

Should the planets align just so, I'll also attend Tina's fabulous annual Stir Crazy Stitch & Spin (see pdf flyer) in Hudson (see map) on Sunday. If not, oh well. Meanwhile, for those who can't attend (and even for those who can),, "The Online Community Just for Spinners!", is having a contest.

Finally, just for Deb, a photo from when I was in first grade. Back then I really really really wanted a red bicycle. Some things haven't changed much.

In first grade

And even though Nancy Sinatra's boots had kitten heels, I was pretty sure mine were made for walkin' too. Tomorrow that's just what I'll do!


Kaye said...

Mmmm...I got my fix at the NJ Garden and Flower (or maybe it's Flower and Garden) show. NOt as big as Philly's I'm sure but still enough to get me dreaming of seedling time! Have fun!

--Deb said...

Wow, the leaves on that plant look like the petals on my afghan's flowers!

And, thanks for the picture, Ina. You were ADORABLE!!

craftivore said...

Man, you were very cute.

Malabrigo March, how am I missing out on that. The leaf motif is cool, did you design that?

CrazyFiberLady said...

does my almost done sweater count towards Malabrigo March?

Cute picture!

Enjoy the flower show and hopefully the planets will align for you for the spin-in. I'll be at chuck e cheese with the twins on sunday.

Kim said...

What a little cutie in your white boots and red shirt! Enjoy the flower show!