Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The weekend saw the first French Toast Alert of the season roundabout Exit 151. But rather than rush to the supermarket to stock up on French toast fixings, Nancy and I ventured out to the Brooklyn Tweed book signing at Knitknack. It was relaxed and low-key, except for the moment that Meera and Jared posed together and everyone in the shop pulled out their cameras!

Meera and Jared

Alas, I went to the party with no Brooklyn Tweed on me. At least I got to ogle some real-life examples, including a Stillwell. I'd still like to knit Stillwell, although lately I've been thinking more about a project that Jared Flood photographed, the EZ Green Sweater reconstructed by Sunday Holm, than any of his own designs. ::cough::

Speaking of green, yesterday I came home to find waiting not one, but two Plurk Cowl Swap cowls from my upstream pal. Thank you, Constance, they are diversely beautiful and I know I'll get good use from them.

Plurk Cowl Swap cowl

Now why do I keep thinking, "It's a sign! It's a sign!"


Bezzie said...

You'll get good use of them tomorrow! (Allegedly!) I was pleasantly surprised, ShopRite had plenty of eggs, bread and milk when I went (as I do every other Saturday regardless of weather) on Saturday. Maybe people were cleaning out the remodeled Stop N'Shop instead?

journalist said...
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craftivore said...

Wow, you lucky lucky gal. I love the EZ Green Sweater too, it's so simply elegant. Has anyone written up the pattern?

craftivore said...

OOps, I see Schoolhouse Press has the pattern.