Friday, January 1, 2010

First of the Year

Happy New Year! Here's something rarer than a year end blue moon: my first FO of the year, finished on the first day of year.

Yule Tree mitts

I'm inordinately pleased with these beaded Yule Tree mitts. They were knit out of handspun fingering spun from 2 oz. of Zarzuela's Fibers Superwash Merino Top, colorway Santa's Coming! The yarn turned out smooth and springy, with a delightful spongy quality, and the knit fabric has a light, smooth hand reminiscent of wool crepe. I beaded the cuff and the lace motif (but not the top edge because that would fidget me); the yarn held up to the friction of stringing well and supports the weight of the beads nicely.

Santa's Coming handspun yarn

Perhaps best of all, Yuletide is only half over, so my mittsNaKniMitMo button are still in season, at least for a few days. It seems like an auspicious beginning to NaKniMitMo.


Bezzie said...

Wow! Very impressive!

Nancy said...

Wow - they turned out beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Oh those mitts are STUNNING!!

Jessica said...

Those came out great!!