Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Caption Here

These pix need snappy captions! I'm feeling somewhat at a loss for words – I've briefly described what's going on, but surely you can do better.

1. _______________.

   Sock and scissors
   Failed sock menaced by scissors, 18 months after cast on.

2. _______________.

   Brainz Frogged.

3. _______________.

   Ready for a nice relaxing 15-minute soak.

4. _______________.

   Reconditioned yarn.

5. _______________.

   About 95 yds skeined up.

I was tempted to use the reconditioned yarn to cast on Whitby for January Sockdown. However, as Socks of Shame #1, #8, and #11 each fit the January criteria, I think I shall resist startitis and finish a pair instead. Which leaves me pretty much speechless; feel free to insert your own caption.


Bezzie said...

I can't think of anything sequentially witty!

I really think you need to just start a mis-matched sock revolution.

Jaime said...

1. The fledgling sock, sensing its time is up, prepares to hibernate in its cocoon to complete its transformation.

2. The sock spins its cocoon, where it will begin its metamorphosis.

3. The cocoon is complete. The sock hibernates.

4. With its hibernation period at an end, the sock begins to emerge from its cocoon, its new form apparent.

5. The former sock is now a beautiful butterf-- er, skein of yarn.