Saturday, July 24, 2010


Usually I'm barely ahead of the voiture balai (celebrating its centennial this year), but commencing now I am going to be officially insufferable. This involves things such as cross-posting, quaffing bubbly beverages, snacking on madeleines, and other expressions of high spirits. That is because Tour de Fleece glory is mine...

Finished TdF yarn

... and it's still Saturday.

There's so much time left before the grand finish in Paris tomorrow, I think I'll try a small experiment.

Sample skein

DH wants to know, "What are the feathers for?" Tralala.

ETA: Gentle readers, that's marabou, not rabbit angora in the second photo – feathers, not fur.


Kelli Simone said...

Is that bunny fur? Spun on a spindle? What's the length of the staple? How brave! Details please!

Bezzie said...

Oh wow. I tried angora bunny on a wheel and wanted to rip my hair out and spin that instead!