Friday, August 6, 2010

More Spin

It's August. The THI goes up, the THI goes down, solar storms make the aurora borealis dance (and I keep missing it), spinning goes on – currently on the spindle is some Zarzuela's Fibers Targhee, colorway Swamp Story. I love the how the tertiary complements, red-violet and acid green, work together.

Targhee singles

Targhee is unlike anything I've spun before. The fiber is neither hairlike nor downy, but rather is soft and spongy. It has a lot of "grab" and can look matted, yet is easy to draft, yielding a sproingy single with a nice sheen. Bizarre as this may sound, it's what I imagine fiberfill would be like were it good wool instead of extruded polymer. There's a thoroughbred, almost an engineered quality to it.

I'm spindling up what I hope will finish as worsted weight for Zarzuela's Late Summer/Fall S/KAL. My silly fingers do want to spin fingering, though, so we'll see.


Bezzie said...

So gorgeous!
Funny you mention fiberfill, every time I stuff an animal I always think about spinning it!

Carole Knits said...

That's beautiful!

knitarooooo said...

That colorway is so pretty, I can't wait to spin my "Purple People Eater"!