Thursday, March 1, 2012

Madness, Anyone?

If the turn from a mild winter (at least roundabout Exit 151) to a blustery spring isn't sufficient to turn one madder than a March hare, howabout a touch of Sock Madness 6? This year there are three warm up patterns – this one is Wimbledon by Ros Clarke, modified for cycling but styled with DH's old tennis racquet and the least-scraggly patch of grass in the backyard as a nod to its origins.

Wimbledon cycling socks

Gentle readers of eagle eye may have surmised DH hasn't played in a while: his racquet is wood laminate with nylon strings, has a classic oval head, and is branded, "Pancho" Gonzales.

The first competition pattern is due to be released any day now. There's an intriguing item on the otherwise unremarkable list of supplies:

     400 yds solid or semi-solid fingering wt yarn
     US 1 (2.25 mm) knitting needles
     1 or more six-sided dice
     cable needle
     tapestry needle
     stitch markers

I've never knit with dice before. Huh.

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