Friday, May 4, 2012


It's Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, and I've only just learned there are Jawa glossaries. I feel so out of it. Maybe because 'most everyone else has gone to the academy MDS&W and I'm staying roundabout Exit 151.

Moving along, when last seen back in ::cough:: mid-March, the Dicey singleton was standing alone. Apropos of the calendar, the singleton now has company with which to stand in solidarity, or march, or sockupy. Apropos of economics, its construction is toe up, not trickle down.

Dicey socks

Knitting the sock and rolling electronic dice to determine the random cable crossings was entertaining, and the results are handsome. But, alas, my Frankenfeet benefit from ease in specific places, while the pattern produces a fabric that is randomly tighter or looser. I compensated by knitting a 24-st increase gusset, deeper than the 20-st increase specified in the pattern. If I were to knit this pattern again, I'd do it cuff down and would work the foot over 36 sts on the cabled instep but over 32 sts on the stockinette sole to adjust for the difference in draw in between cables and stockinette.

Because every sock deserves an adventure, Dicey went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and posed with a small pineapple. That may seem political given the recent uproar over standardized tests, but at the time it was in honor of the flower show theme, Hawaii.

Dicey with pineapple

Dicey also went to see last Friday's arrival in NYC of the space shuttle Enterprise aboard its carrier 747. It turns out it's not so easy to take a picture of a Finished Object with a Flying Object. Another idea dashed. Ah well, I got a decent photo of one out of two.

Enterprise on carrier

Enterprise is going to become an exhibit at the Intrepid Museum, opening in mid-July. I'm curious to have a look at the tailcone structure in place of the engines. Despite its storied name, this space shuttle was used for unpowered flight training, but never ventured into space – thus, no engines and no heat tiles. I know the feeling – at least I've been to a few sheep and wool festivals.

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