Monday, April 22, 2013

Cherryblossomland 2013

Today is Earth Day, a perfect time to show off pix of the cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park. I never tire of the show. The park may be less famed than the DC Tidal Basin and certainly is less formal, indeed at times veering into gritty, but there's no need for jealousy or defensiveness. After all, Cherryblossomland has its modest memorials, less impressive but perhaps more touching because they receive impromptu decoration this time of year.

Memorial marker

There are magnificent specimen trees...

Specimen tree

... and equally wonderful groupings of trees.

Nice walk

There are different vantage points from which to view the trees: the auto road, paved and unpaved footpaths, and even some high footbridges.


There are different varieties of flowering cherry tree, which bloom at different times, extending the overall bloom season. I missed one of my early-blooming favorites, but there's abundant consolation, such as these single pinks.

Single pink flowers

I'm also fond of the single whites...

Single white flowers

... and the small pinks...

Small pink flowers

... and the ruffled double whites, which are a challenge to photograph in all their translucent complexity.

Double white flowers

Cherry trees bloom before they fully leaf out. I always marvel that the blossoms are so dense on the trees that they cast deep shade.


And I'm amazed many of the trees that took heavy damage from Hurricane Sandy nonetheless are blooming beautifully. One can only hope damaged humans can carry on and heal as beautifully.


It's hard to tell from the photo, but this little group all have partially broken crowns, with major branches dangling and wobbling like a loose tooth – the flowers don't ordinarily sweep the ground. The crowns will likely require hard pruning, which is sad, but I figure it's better to enjoy the present beauty than to spend time bemoaning the wholesale lopping before it happens.


Lately peak bloom has been happening earlier and earlier, but this year is just about on time. I wonder if that's an unforeseen consequence of severe weather. Plus ça changement climatique? So fret not, gentle readers in the area! If you've missed the show thus far, the late blooming ruffled double pinks are still to come.

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