Monday, May 13, 2013

Fair Enough

Now where was I (literally and figuratively)... right, listening to sheep baa. Did not know they stick their tongues out so faa.

Side view of baa-ing sheep

On the drive down to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival I finished my little cardi, Summer Open Cardigan by Diane Soucy worked in Noro Taiyo (colorway #18 on the body and sleeves, #23 on the ribbings). Some Facebook friends demanded a proof of sweater photo, which Risa obligingly took. Being a camera-shy blogger, I lost my head for the blog.

Open Summer Cardigan modeled

The sweater is a quick knit on oversize needles for the yarn, which yields a comfortably drapey fabric that some entitled people cannot forebear to fondle, without asking and with me in it (boundaries, eyeroll). I knit the version with side shaping, a silhouette that seems better suited for dresses than trousers. However that may be, the cardi was just right for the festival, which (unlike some years) had fine weather, short lines, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Open Summer Cardigan FO

As for my fairings, I bought a beauteous Spanish Peacock spindle: 32 g, Bolivian rosewood whorl, maple shaft. It has a different balance than my usual.

Spanish Peacock spindle whorl

A Golding Celtic Ring #2 spindle also followed me home: 1.3 oz, cherry whorl, walnut shaft. I love fast, rim-weighted spindles, so the cut outs should make this one close to ideal for me.

Golding spindle whorl

I've been trying to spin down my fiber stash, but this pretty Polworth roving called my name. After the crazy fall and winter I've had, pretty looks good to me.

Gale's Art Polwarth roving

And I got the festival T-shirt, pictured above with the cardigan. A long time ago a chatty festival official told me T-shirt sales were sufficient to cover all costs. This year there were 40th anniversary buttons for those who made a free will donation to "Help keep the festival free!" Sounds fair enough to me.

Big Bo Peep

After all, I want to keep Big Bo Peep and others like him a-walking their sheep in the Parade of Breeds for a long time to come.

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