Tuesday, November 12, 2013

See Time Go By

My NaKniSweMo project is knitting a replacement for my trusty old hausfrau cardigan, which is looking quite worn. Hausfrau cardis are what I call the capable cardigan sweaters I wear while doing rough work around the house – cleaning gutters, breaking garden beds, shoveling snow, etc. They're as much to protect my other clothes as to keep me warm, and they have specific criteria: must have deep raglan armholes for layering, must be wash-and-wear, must be a go-with-everything basic color. Oh, and pockets are a helpful touch. Loni fit the bill. It achieved the vast expanse o' stockinette stage almost immediately. I suppose that's a good thing, albeit lacking in dramatic flair.

Vast expanse o' stockinette

Compared with a vast expanse o' stockinette, this video of eight geese a-walking is simply chock full of action and suspense. DH says it reminds him of the Warhol movie Empire, a highlight of which is a flock of birds going by.

Warhol said that in his film gentle viewers can "see time go by." No offense, I prefer Branch Brook Park in autumn guise.

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Mairead Hardy said...

Love the geese - especially the one stopping to preen mid-path.